Tuesday, April 19, 2005

We eventually found our way to a restaurant, Hong Kong park, and up on the peak (an area that on clear days allows a view of the entire Island). It was not a clear day so all we saw was Fog. It was appropriate, we didn’t realize it but we were still only seeing Honk Kong from a haze. We did not experience the true Hong Kong until we met up with Raymond and Jessica Tang.

We met Raymond and Jessica while we were snorkeling in Cairns. They were vacationing from their hectic lives in Hong Kong and just happened to sit in front of us on the boat out to the reef. When they found out we were going to Hong Kong soon they exchanged email addresses with us and gave us their phone number to contact them while we were there. They were part of a club in Hong Kong that provided them with many discounts in dining etc. around town, and offered to let us use their discount for a five star hotel in Hong Kong (a benefit they obviously had little use for since they had a flat). It was a wonderful offer, it would have been about sixty dollars a night for a one hundred eighty dollar room, but even sixty seemed out of our budget. In hindsight we probably should have taken the room, considering what we stayed in.

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