Thursday, May 19, 2005

From left to right our new friends Misha from Holland, Roger from Canada, and Amanda also from Canada (but unaquainted with Roger until the ferry) were instrumental in getting us through the first day in China. Amanda had the forsight to get a little currency before we arrived (we were all borrowing from her until we found an ATM), Roger had a Lonely Planet that had a map of Beijing, and an address for a Hostel (as well as some words written in Chinese), and Misha spoke a little Chinese (he was moving to a small town close to Beijing). I guess that Joy and I weren't much help, but we did provide safety in numbers as we wandered for what seemed to be hours through the small dark streets (almost alleys) of Beijing trying to find the hostel. This picture was taken after we finally made it there. We quite happily shared this room, by this point we had built a bond through our tribulations.

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